About Nambung Station

Nambung Station is a farming property located in the Shire of Dandargan.

Nambung Station Stay is a working farm with more than 5,000 acres of land with 300 beef cattle, 3,000 fine wool merino sheep and is a registered Land for Wildlife property.


Nambung Station is located 22kms from the Brand Highway along the Wongonderrah Rd.

It is 44kms from Cervantes via Cervantes Rd and Munbinea Rd.

Approximately 2 hours travel north of Perth.

Wongonderrah Rd (cnr Munbinea Rd)
Nambung WA 6521

GPS:  S 30° 34’ E 115° 13’


The Nambung area was explored by George Grey in the early 19 century.  Among his exploring party was a young man called Frederick Smith who sadly became ill and died while camping near a creek in the area. The creek was named after Frederick Smith and this same creek runs through Nambung Station.

There is also a water hole named Frederick Smith Well which was used for watering the stock passing along the Old Northern Stock Route which also passes through Nambung Station.